Laundry 15mm 28mm 32mm Wightwood Abbey Wargaming Terrain D&D, DnD

Laundry 15mm 28mm 32mm Wightwood Abbey Wargaming Terrain D&D, DnD

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“My turn to do the laundry again? I hadn’t realized a week had gone by already…. What about Brother Rowntree? Can’t you ask him to do it? I mean, I’m pretty busy studying these prayers and he doesn’t even mind the work and I’m pretty sure it hasn’t been a week…” -Brother Haldall

The Laundry is a nice piece for your tabletop fantasy and historical roleplaying and wargaming. A much overlooked necessity in any village, town or rural setting, the Laundry has been designed to give some partial cover to characters crouching behind its low stone wall, and the center of the model has room for a figure to take advantage of this from more that one angle. No one expects an ambush from the laundry! Just when you thought it was safe to doff your armor and wash your linens… The item measures approximately 2.75"x3"x1.5" in the 28mm scale (approximately 1.5"x1.6"x1" in 15mm, and 3.25"x3.5"x1.75" in 32mm).

The item comes in 1 piece and is unpainted. As with all 3D prints, some finishing may be required.

All items are printed in non-toxic PLA filament. Item is printed at a high 0.15mm resolution (and an ultra high 0.1mm resolution for small pieces).

Pictured item is at 28mm scale; 15mm and 32mm are also options. Custom print resolutions are available upon request.

This item is part of the Infinite Dimensions Wightwood Abbey Kickstarter, which can be found via this link. Items are commercially licensed from Infinite Dimensions.

Other items from this Kickstarter can be printed as well, please ask.

This item takes 1–2 weeks to ship.