Do you do custom orders?

Yes, we are happy to take custom orders, whether it is a variant of our own listings, an item from one of our licensees that has yet to be listed, or designs provided by clients. Please contact us with your request.

Can you modify the designs?

Most of our products are licensed from the designers, so we generally cannot change the designs themselves. We would, however, be happy to change the scale and size of an item, print multiple pieces of a set, or do other similar customizations.

What is the size of an item?
Most of our products have their sizes listed in the description, but if you don't see one please contact us and we'll let you know.

Do you offer free shipping?
All orders of $40 or more can be shipped within the U.S. for free.

Do you sell painted terrain and miniatures?
All our products come unpainted; we do not offer custom painting at this time.

Why do shipping times take a week or more?
All of our products are printed on demand once ordered; we therefore do not keep excess stock of our items. Some models have many large pieces that can take days to print, while others can come with hundreds of different parts. We also always take the time to clean up the items before shipping them out to you. An estimate of the shipping time is given at the bottom of all item descriptions. We aim to get you the best quality 3D-printed models as fast as possible!