Giant Heart | The Abhorrents | Bestiarum | Miniatures D&D Wargaming DnD

Giant Heart | The Abhorrents | Bestiarum | Miniatures D&D Wargaming DnD

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The great heart of the Bloodsucker Dragon, though the beast is long dead, its heart pumps still with unnatural vitality.

All items are 3D printed in gray resin at an ultra-high 0.025mm resolution.
28mm - 32mm items are printed in premium semi-flexible resin.
40mm - 54mm items are printed in standard tough resin.

This item is supplied unpainted in 6 pieces. Assembly and some finishing may be required. 

💀 Miniatures designed by Bestiarum Games
🛠️ Manufacturing from Dungeon Artifacts

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📏 Miniature Scale 📏

The default scale for our miniatures is 32mm. This is the preferred choice for use alongside plastic miniatures from the most popular tabletop wargames.

Please use our scale images in the listing for reference.

Approximate measurements of the items are:

28mm - 2.44" x 2.67" x 2.7" - 67.70mm x 62.07mm Base
32mm - 2.79" x 3.05" x 3.09" - 77.37mm x 70.94mm Base
40mm - 3.49" x 3.81" x 3.86" - 96.71mm x 88.68mm Base
54mm - 4.71" x 5.14" x 5.21" - 130.56mm x 119.71mm Base

Custom print sizes and resolutions are available upon request.

This product is not a toy, and is not suitable for children under the age of 15.

This item takes 1–2 weeks to ship.