Fungal Queen - Presiding - Witchsong - Wargaming D&D DnD

Fungal Queen - Presiding - Witchsong - Wargaming D&D DnD

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The Fungal Queen - Presiding is a detailed miniature for your fantasy tabletop role-playing and wargames, or simply as an eye-catching display piece.

The piece including base measures approximately as follows:
1.21" x 0.89" x 1.57" in 28mm scale;
1.38" x 1.02" x 1.79" in 32mm;
1.73" x 1.27" x 2.24" in 40mm;
2.33" x 1.72" x 3.03" in 54mm;
3.23" x 2.38" x 4.19" in 75mm;
4.32" x 3.18" x 5.6" in 100mm;
and 5.38" x 3.96" x 6.99" in 125mm.

The item comes unpainted in 1 piece for 28mm through 32mm. 40mm through 125mm comes unpainted in 5 pieces. Items are printed at an ultra-high .02mm layer height in your choice of standard tough resin or premium semi-flex. Premium has massively increased durability for table play.

Custom print sizes and resolutions are available upon request.

Items are commercially licensed from Witchsong Miniatures.

This item takes 1–2 weeks to ship.